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There are many tools that are beneficial to creating a haunted house. To maintain a safe environment, it is important to use the correct tools and keep an organized shop with well-maintained equipment. Here are some of the main tools to use while building a haunted house.

  1. Fireproofing. Fire-treated plastics, fireproofed props and fireproofing sprays should be a main tool at any haunt. One of the most dangerous things commonly used in a haunted house are non-treated materials such as sheets, newspapers, trash bags, and blankets. In home haunts, bedding nailed to plywood is a common sight and can lead to a very dangerous situation if a guest tries to run through the soft “wall.” Making sure all materials are fire proofed within a haunted house should be a top priority. Special care should also be used in making sure that props, cloth or plastic are not near heat that originates from items such as lighting equipment, projectors, compressors, fog machines and/or any electrical devices. Paint additive and black duck tape are two important tools for every haunt. Paint additive comes in powder form and can easily be added to the base paint for the haunt walls. The paint adds thickness to the paint and allows better coverage while adding a layer of fire proofing to the haunt. Fireproofed black duck tape is a “must have” at any haunt. Place a roll by every exit for quick fixes and added safety.
  1. During the run of the haunt, it is important to keep hand held screwdrivers, plyers, duct tapes, and cutters for quick fixes and reinforcements. It is important to check the back of every wall and clip off any screws or nails that have gone through the wall and are sticking out the other side. A flashlight is also a very important tool to have on hand. Flashlights should be placed next to every fire extinguisher and at every exit. Every actor and crew member should also carry a small flashlight.
  1. Ladders are the most common tool on a job site as well as one of the most dangerous. There are so many details regarding ladder safety that Hi Tech Haunts has another article covering the usage of ladders. A recent study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reveals that 43 percent of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder. Please check out Hi Tech Haunt’s tips about ladder safety.
  1. A manual staple gun is one of the most important tools at a haunt. Staple guns are easy to use and hold things in place securely and discreetly. It is important to keep staple guns handy during the run of the haunt for quick fixes and additional decorations.
  1. A cordless drill with screws is the main tool for a haunted house. Using a screw gun rather than a hammer and nails is a more efficient way to build a haunted house. Screws hold walls together easily and prevent the sliding that can occur with nails. It is also easier to dissemble a haunt by reversing the screw fun rather than trying to pull out an embedded nail. Using screws prevents damage to the walls and makes it easier to take a haunt apart and reuse the supplies year after year.


Joining Hi Tech Haunts’ Safety Blueprint Program Community is a way to start building a safety plan. Hi Tech Haunts provides check lists and downloads that can be printed and circulated among staff as well as kept on site at a haunt.

Every haunt, home and/or commercial, should have a Fire Safety Plan on site and all crew/staff/volunteers should be trained and familiar with the safety plan. To join our professional community, click here or text HITECHHAUNTS to 44222. You can begin building your plan by receiving safety downloads, check lists, tips, discounts and freebies! Although Hi Tech Haunts is not responsible for the safety of your attraction, we can provide materials to make it easier for you to create a safety plan.

Stay tuned for the Safety Blueprint Program, a webinar series that covers the ins and outs of inspections and safety. Please contact us with questions and/or suggestions. Hi Tech Haunts is passionate about creating programs to support you, your work and your guests.

While Hi Tech Haunts is passionate about safety, we also like to have fun. Enjoy the video as Bones from MOTEL 6 Feet Under’s Haunted House gets loose in the Hi Tech Haunts work shop. Yikes.

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