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There are many ways to put walls together for a haunted house. The following is a popular system that not only creates strong walls that are easy to put together, but also provides a system for easy storage.

Make sure you have the correct tools before building a wall. It is better to use a screw gun and screws rather than a hammer and nails to build the walls. Screws keep the walls firmly in place and can be removed after the Halloween season so that the walls are easy to disassemble. If you use a hammer and nails, the walls will be torn apart when you try to take them down. Also, be sure to wear safety gloves and goggles to prevent injuries while building your attraction. It is best to work in teams to be sure the walls or beams do not fall and cause injury. Also use sturdy saw horses to support the walls rather than substituting tables, chairs or buckets to serve as work tables.

Here are the basic steps for assembling a wall that will be strong, stable and as easy to store.

  1. Each wall will use two 8 foot long and two 43″ long  2″x 3″ kiln dried boards.
  2. Attach an 8 foot 2″x 3″ board to the face of a 4’x 8′ sheet of OSB plywood. Be sure to overhang the board on the side edge of the plywood by 1¼’. The end result will be that half of the 2″x 3″ board will be sticking out on the side of the plywood.
  3. Attach the face of the top and bottom 43″ boards to the face of the plywood with the edge of the boards flush to the edge of the plywood. Butt one end of the 43″ board up against the side 8 foot board that you attached in step #1.
  4. Attach the other side board while pushing it tight against the top and bottom boards from Step 2.
  5. The plywood can be any thickness but ½” is recommended. Attach the 2″x 3″ boards with 1¼ gold deck screws. Place at 90 degree angles to turn the walls into hallway corners. The overlapping 2″x 3″ boards work as a grove and lip to fit together which makes for a smooth wall and strong hallways.

After the Halloween season, unscrew the deck screws and take them all the way out. Then stack and store the boards.

Be sure to download the attached chart that demonstrates each step with a visual chart to help guide you through the steps. Always wear safety goggles and gloves when working with the tools necessary to build these walls.


Joining Hi Tech Haunts’ Safety Blueprint Program Community is a way to start building a safety plan. Hi Tech Haunts provides check lists and downloads that can be printed and circulated among staff as well as kept on site at a haunt.

Every haunt, home and/or commercial, should have a Fire Safety Plan on site and all crew/staff/volunteers should be trained and familiar with the safety plan. To join our professional community, click here or text HITECHHAUNTS to 44222. You can begin building your plan by receiving safety downloads, check lists, tips, discounts and freebies! Although Hi Tech Haunts is not responsible for the safety of your attraction, we can provide materials to make it easier for you to create a safety plan.

Stay tuned for the Safety Blueprint Program, a webinar series that covers the ins and outs of inspections and safety. Please contact us with questions and/or suggestions. Hi Tech Haunts is passionate about creating programs to support you, your work and your guests.

While Hi Tech Haunts is passionate about safety, we also like to have fun. Enjoy the video as Bones from MOTEL 6 Feet Under’s Haunted House helps with wall construction. Yikes.

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